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Good afternoon Mika, It is correct, because the Bank does not “forgive you those fees”, but it is simply telling you, if you can not pay them now, you pay them later, they become new debt since they have not been paid at maturity, and generate interest on interest. It is not advisable to resort to this solution, but if you do not have another option … kind regards,

 Doubt about mortgage tranquility of banesto

 Doubt about mortgage tranquility of banesto

Good afternoon, I understand that your idea of ​​reunifying everything in a mortgage is to lower the fee, for which you should extend the term, since your personal loan has a very low interest rate. The problem of extending the term is that you end up paying more interest in the final calculation, but if it helps you to bear less financial burden in the month to month it can be a valid option! Greetings.

Doubts about unification of mortgage and personal loan

Doubts about unification of mortgage and personal loan

Good afternoon, regardless of whether you should write off time or quota, I recommend that you consult a manager or tax advisor, since, that you have an annual limit of income tax relief, then, you should not write off everything at once, and give money to the Treasury, and with the rest hire a fixed term for a year, earn interest, and at maturity you amortize another part, but without going beyond the limits imposed by the Treasury. I hope you get the recommendation! regards,



Responding to: deduct income statement

Good afternoon Maria, Depends on the bank, some charge their customers for issuing a certificate of outstanding debt or zero balance, and others do not, but there is no general parameter, it is coo with the account maintenance fees, each bank He has his policy. regards,

Responding to: What is the price of a zero debt certificate, to cancel my mortgage with the mare nostrum bank?

<span class="badge badge-secondary">Responding to:</span> deduct income statementHi, Immone. Call the Notary where you signed the two deeds and ask for a copy of the mortgage loan, they have to give it to you, maybe they charge you for extending the copy, but you will leave doubts. Another option: request a simple note to the Property Registry, in many cases, the Registry, when noting the mortgage in the section of the charges, often puts the conditions of the same, among which is usually the ground. Anyway I would ask for a copy to the Notary as I commented, it is a document that you should have in your possession. regards,

Good afternoon, Moliere. Totally agree, I do not at the moment contradict any product, at the time that the Euribor goes up, you will think again. regards,

Good afternoon, Tranquilo that is normal in ING, as there are no forced heirs, art. 28 of the mortgage law, which says, in a few words, that in the next 2 years to the acceptance of inheritance may appear another heir with better rights than the current, so ING decides not to risk and not mortgage until after those two years . It is the power of the bank to enter or not, so I recommend you do not wait any longer so you do not waste your time and look for another bank. regards,

Good afternoon. The percentages of the deed of purchase are not the same as in the mortgage, since when signing a mortgage loan, the holders are jointly and severally liable. That is, either of you can request the return of 100% of the capital. Do you have a copy of your mortgage loan deed? Look at the clauses, which you must specify there. I hope I have helped you, regards,



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