BBVA Financing of Large Bills and Payments

BBVA Financing of Large Bills and Payments

BBVA Financing of Large Bills and Payments

If you would prefer to defer payment for any of your bills or debit card charges on your account, at BBVA we can help you:

  • 0% NIR. APR (12.91 %).

  • From €300 up to €1,000.

  • 3-month term.

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Interest rate:

  • Interest rate of 0% NIR. APR (12.91 %)


  • A loan intended for financing payment of bills and debit card charges on your account for an amount between €300 and €1,000.
  • Immediate contracting through the BBVA website or app, without needing to provide documentation.
  • The loan is credited into the account you select during the contract process. 
  • When you view the transactions for your personal account you will be able to see which bills you can finance, since they are marked with the label “financable”.
  • Each year you will be able to finance a maximum of 4 charges on your account with these characteristics.


  • From €300 to €1,000, whether the charges come directly from BBVA or if direct debit payment requests are received (financing of tax payments is allowed).


  • 3 months.


  • Commitment fee: 2%.

Until when can it be taken out?

Offer valid until 07/31/2018.

Example for financing a €1,000 bill over a period of three months


  NIR 0% (APR 12.91%)
Amount of the loan €1,000
Total term 3 months
Opening fee of 2% €20
Total amount €1,020
Monthly fee €333.33
  • You must use financing responsibly in order to be able to cover the repayments and thus avoid possible surcharges in the form of fees or interest.
  • In the event of delays in the monthly repayment, the corresponding late payment fees will be applied. Non-payment may cause serious consequences (such as forced sale) and hinder the acquisition of a credit.
  • Before signing the contract, you will receive the European standardized information on consumer credit.
  • For reasons of caution and liability in the granting of loans, the bank may request the operation to be arranged before a notary.
  • You are entitled to withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 calendar days from entering into the contract, at no extra cost.



  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): interest rate that indicates the actual cost or yield of a financial product. The APR is calculated based on a standardized mathematical formula that takes into consideration the nominal interest rate of the operation, the frequency of payments (monthly, quarterly, etc.), the bank fees and some operation expenses.
  • Nominal interest rate (NIR): it is a fixed percentage that is applied to the amount lent and that determines the amount of the installments to be paid to the financial institution.


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