Seguro Salud Autónomos BBVA

Seguro Salud Autónomos BBVA

In medical matters, get in good hands with the BBVA self-employed health insurance .

  • Access to the medical staff of Sanitas , to guarantee quality and professionalism in all areas and throughout the national territory.

  • Flexible insurance, adaptable to your needs and those of your family, which allows the hiring of different modalities .

What is the BBVA Autonomous Health Insurance?

What is the BBVA Autonomous Health Insurance?

It is a private health insurance that offers coverage throughout the national territory and puts at your disposal more than 40,000 professionals and more than 1,200 medical centers in Sanitas.

Who is it aimed at?

Self-employed workers who seek medical insurance that provides them with quality, comfort and speed, as well as specific and differential coverage, beyond their own healthcare.

Which are your principal characteristics?

  • You can choose between 2 types of health insurance according to your needs:
  • Seguro Salud Autónomos BBVA. It is the modality that allows you to customize the basic health coverage according to your needs. You can contract it with or without co-payments (!) :
  • With co-payments: in which you will not pay anything for the first 6 annual medical services.
  • No copayments: directed to people who do not wish to make any additional payment for the use of medical services.
  • Seguro Salud Autónomos BBVA Esencial . It is a modality with the same health coverage as Autonomous Health Insurance, but with a lower fee and a higher amount of co-payments, so that you pay only for what you use.
  • The insurance premium is annual, but the fee can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  • The insurance is renewable annually.
Number of services BBVA Autonomous Health Insurance Price with co-payments (¡) Number of services BBVA Esencial Autonomous Health Insurance Price
From 0 to 6 services € 0 From 0 to 3 services € 4
From 7 to 10 services € 4 From 4 to 10 services € 7
From 11 to 15 services € 7 From 11 to 15 services € 10
More than 15 services € 10 More than 15 services € 15


Single co-payment for high-frequency services BBVA Autonomous Health Insurance Price with co-payments (i) BBVA Esencial Autonomous Health Insurance Price
10 physiotherapy sessions € 12 € 20
30 days of oxygen therapy € 12 € 20
30 days for BPAP and CPAC € 12 € 20
15 days for spray € 12 € 20
15 sessions of ventiloterapia € 12 € 20
Preparation for childbirth € 12 € 20
Delivery or cesarean section € 12 € 20
Complex diagnostic tests   € 12
Complex therapeutic methods   € 12
Emergency   € 8
Dental   € 3


What requirements are necessary?

What requirements are necessary?

You must fill out a simple medical questionnaire and, if necessary, we will give you a medical interview by phone or a medical examination.

To contract it, you must be between 0 and 75 years old . There is no maximum age to finalize the insurance.

() Glossary

Copayment : is a system by which the user pays a certain amount in the policy every time he uses a medical service in general, contained in the insurance policy.

The coverages included in each modality are:

Basic coverages included in all modalities Included
Primary medicine Yes
Medical specialties (gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology …) Yes
Diagnostic tests: clinical analysis, x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, etc. Yes
Monitoring of pregnancy and childbirth Yes
Surgical interventions Yes
Hospitalization Yes
Therapeutic methods: oncology, radiotherapy, physiotherapy, etc. Yes
Second medical opinion Yes
Coverage for traffic accidents and work accidents: health care in case of traffic accident, work or occupational disease. Yes
Total protection guarantee: payment protection of the health receipt, support for the basic tasks of the home, mobility guarantee with taxi service, computer assistance to work from home, physiotherapy service for quick recovery, shipping of medicines and mail to home and child care. Yes


Other coverages in all modalities Coverage
Dental Dental 21 (i)
Assistance in the United States Optional
Prosthesis Yes (without limit)
Emergencies abroad Yes (limit € 12,000 / person)
Chiropody 6 sessions
Psychology 15 sessions
Logophonia Yes
Prevention programs Yes
Telephone emergencies 24h Yes
Ambulances Yes



Period of deficiencies (i)

(No policy valid in another company)

Period of deficiencies (i)

(With policy in force in another company)

Outpatient surgical interventions 3 months
High technology diagnostic tests 6 months
Psychology 6 months
Delivery or cesarean section 8 months
Complex therapeutic methods 10 months
Tubal ligation and vasectomy 10 months
Non-ambulatory surgical interventions and hospitalization 10 months 8 months



Contracting rules BBVA Autonomous Health Insurance Modality Autonomous Health Insurance Modality BBVA Esencial
Copayments (i) Optional Yes

() Glossary

() Glossary

Copayment : is a system by which the user pays a certain amount in the policy every time he uses a medical service in general, contained in the insurance policy.

Dental 21 : is a dental insurance that allows you to access a wide range of dental services and enjoy franchised coverage with special prices.

Deficiency period : time that elapses between the insurance registration date and the possibility of requesting certain assistance services or coverages.

What is the Blua Digital Add-on?

It is the digital offer for customers who already have a BBVA Autonomous Health Insurance. Includes video consultations with Sanitas specialists, exclusive home services and digital prevention programs.

Who is it aimed at?

To all those people with a BBVA Autonomous Health Insurance who wish personalized medical attention avoiding travel and saving time.
You can hire it at any time.

What digital services does it include?

What digital services does it include?

Warranty Description
Video consultations in 13 medical specialties + Emergency 24 hours Gynecology, urology, pediatrics, general medicine, dermatology, allergology, endocrinology, oncology, internal medicine, rheumatology, hematology, digestive system and odontology.
Prevention programs with a team of specialized consultants connected by video consultation, chat and telephone Nutrition, psychology and personal trainer
Exclusive services included
  • Medication reimbursement (50%, limit € 200).
  • Delivery of medication at home (6 services per insured person / year).
  • Analytics at home for reimbursement (two per year, limit of € 200 and 100% of travel expenses up to € 60).

In addition, you can manage everything related to your health in the BBVA Health app or on the Mi Sanitas – BBVA Salud website .

What is the form of payment?

The supplement premium is annual, but paid monthly:

  • For insured policies, monthly € 20 will be added to your receipt.
  • For policies of 2 or more insured, € 40 will be added monthly to your receipt.

What other features does it have?

What other features does it have?

The contracting age will be the same as the contracting age of your BBVA Autonomous Health Insurance.

It does not have deficiencies or pre-existences.

The duration of the supplement is annual. It will not be possible to withdraw until the date of renewal of the policy.

COPAGO: The video consultation will be considered as a face-to-face consultation when generating the co-payment, so if the main product is co-payment, the video consultation will also be.

If you are already a client of the BBVA Autonomous Health Insurance, you can manage your policy with:

  • The BBVA Health app and discover everything you can do wherever you are.
  • The Mi Sanitas – BBVA Salud website , registering and accessing the client area to manage your policy and your health.

Insurance company

Insurance company

BBVA Salud: product co-insured at 50% by BBVASeguros, SA de Seguros y Reaseguros and Sanitas, SA de Seguros. Both entities registered in the Register of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the keys C-0502 and C-320 respectively.


BBVA MEDIACIÓN, OPERATOR OF BANCA-SEGUROS VINCULADOS, SA registered in the Special Administrative Register of Insurance Mediators of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds with the code OV-0060. Agreed Civil Liability Insurance and has financial capacity.


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Difference between a loan and a credit

Although its purpose is the same, its operation of a loan and a loan has some differences that should know

The financing you need, quickly and easily, with BBVA loans Calculate your loan

Bank entities are specialized in providing financing to their clients and, among the various options offered on the market, loans and lines of credit are two of the most commonly used products for both regular and corporate customers. However, sometimes a loan and a loan is not differentiated when in fact, they represent different ways to access the financing we need.

The most relevant difference for the client is that while a loan is accessed for all the money requested at a time when the loan is granted, a loan may apply for a loan based on the needs we have. In a simple example, when we get a loan we “break” the bank and get all the money we need; And in a different way, with a credit we are slowly removing money, only when we have to have it and without using all the money available.


The way to access money also determines the interests that are paid. The difference between a loan and a credit here, is that while the former is paid interest for all the capital they have lent us; On the other hand, in a credit, interest is paid for the money we have used, not for the total amount of money that the bank has made available to us, although there may be a commission of unpaid balance, that is, of the money that we have not used

In addition, as regards the amortization period, there are also differences between loans and credits. Loans have a longer term, usually for years, so they also have higher interest rates.

Traveling, reforming or expanding your studies is easier with BBVA’s online loans: more information

A loan and a loan also differ in the way the customer returns the money he has received. In the loan, once the entire capital is amortized through the payment of the monthly installments , the operation is terminated without possibility of accessing more money, unless a new loan is formalized. The credit works in the opposite way; In general, it is renewed every year to continue allowing the client to use this line of financing when needed. For example, a way to access a credit line is to acquire a credit card.

It is important to note that although they make available to the client a certain capital, the difference in the mechanics between loans and loans makes them suitable for different situations: loans are more useful when a significant purchase is made or a quantity of money is needed We know in advance, while credit works as a timely support for expenses that we do not reach in a normal way.

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BBVA Financing of Large Bills and Payments

BBVA Financing of Large Bills and Payments

BBVA Financing of Large Bills and Payments

If you would prefer to defer payment for any of your bills or debit card charges on your account, at BBVA we can help you:

  • 0% NIR. APR (12.91 %).

  • From €300 up to €1,000.

  • 3-month term.

I want to apply

  • Loan Calculator
  • Loan comparison tool
  • Features
  • Loan example
  • Did you know…?

Interest rate:

  • Interest rate of 0% NIR. APR (12.91 %)


  • A loan intended for financing payment of bills and debit card charges on your account for an amount between €300 and €1,000.
  • Immediate contracting through the BBVA website or app, without needing to provide documentation.
  • The loan is credited into the account you select during the contract process. 
  • When you view the transactions for your personal account you will be able to see which bills you can finance, since they are marked with the label “financable”.
  • Each year you will be able to finance a maximum of 4 charges on your account with these characteristics.


  • From €300 to €1,000, whether the charges come directly from BBVA or if direct debit payment requests are received (financing of tax payments is allowed).


  • 3 months.


  • Commitment fee: 2%.

Until when can it be taken out?

Offer valid until 07/31/2018.

Example for financing a €1,000 bill over a period of three months


  NIR 0% (APR 12.91%)
Amount of the loan €1,000
Total term 3 months
Opening fee of 2% €20
Total amount €1,020
Monthly fee €333.33
  • You must use financing responsibly in order to be able to cover the repayments and thus avoid possible surcharges in the form of fees or interest.
  • In the event of delays in the monthly repayment, the corresponding late payment fees will be applied. Non-payment may cause serious consequences (such as forced sale) and hinder the acquisition of a credit.
  • Before signing the contract, you will receive the European standardized information on consumer credit.
  • For reasons of caution and liability in the granting of loans, the bank may request the operation to be arranged before a notary.
  • You are entitled to withdraw from the loan agreement within 14 calendar days from entering into the contract, at no extra cost.



  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): interest rate that indicates the actual cost or yield of a financial product. The APR is calculated based on a standardized mathematical formula that takes into consideration the nominal interest rate of the operation, the frequency of payments (monthly, quarterly, etc.), the bank fees and some operation expenses.
  • Nominal interest rate (NIR): it is a fixed percentage that is applied to the amount lent and that determines the amount of the installments to be paid to the financial institution.


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